The Production PrintKit software provides printing services from OpenVMS systems to high-speed, high-capacity PostScript and PCL printers.
Price list
Product kitsunit price (US$)
L308-9-C9 Server Kit: unlimited printers, single system 8,795
L308-9-L9 Single Printer Kit: single printer 1,995
Support subscriptions
S308-9-C9 Server Kit: support for one year 1,755
S308-9-CX Server Kit: 7x24 support for one year 5,275
S308-9-L9 Single Printer Kit: support for one year 395
Media selection
M308-9-BC CD-ROM no charge
International shipping
M999-C-99 Canadian shipping 40
I999-I-99 International shipping 50
M308-9-DP Additional documentation set 25
License types
Printer licenses

A Single Printer license allows you to use the PrintKit software for printing to a single printer. This means the software may be used by any number of people on any number of computer systems, as long as all use is limited to one specific printer.

Server license

A server-based license allows you to use the PrintKit software for printing from a single computer system. This means the software may be used by any number of people for printing to any number of printers, as long as all print queues controlled by the software are on the same system.

You may place a backup copy of the software on a second system for use when the licensed system is unavailable, but this backup copy must not be used at the same time as your primary copy.

Support services
Premium support subscriptions

Support subscriptions provide technical assistance, software updates, and on-line support materials. The premium services are designed to provide timely and dependable assistance to meet the needs of production environments.

Technical assistance

Support subscriptions offer you direct access to support staff for technical assistance: problem resolution, and information on installation, compatibility, configuration, and basic product use. You may designate up to two employees to serve as liaisons for technical assistance.

Technical Assistance Requests (TARs) are logged, tracked, resolved, and closed with your agreement. Response to TARs is based on a jointly determined prioritization. Priorities, and our goals for response and resolution, are as follows:

Priority 1 (critical problem, no production capability). Two hour response, automatic escalation to support manager, commercially reasonable effort until fix or workaround provided, permanent correction within 30 days.

Priority 2 (severe problem, production seriously degraded). Two hour response, fix or workaround within 3 days, permanent correction within 60 days.

Priority 3 (moderate problem, production capability reduced). Four hour response, fix or workaround within 6 days, permanent correction in next feasible product release.

Priority 4 (minor, no significant effect on production). One day response, permanent correction in next feasible product release.

Technical assistance is available by telephone, fax, or e-mail, 8am-5pm Pacific Time on business days. TAR response and resolution times are based on these business times.

Timely problem resolution depends on your ability to fully characterize and reproduce errors. Our support staff can use telephone, fax, e-mail and direct network access to facilitate problem identification.

Product updates

Support subscriptions provide product updates as they are released.

Major and Minor Releases Incorporate new functionality and cumulative bug fixes, and occur approximately yearly. Shipped automatically.

Maintenance Releases, Patch Kits Incorporate minor changes to the software, and typically resolve problems or compatibility issues. Shipped on request and available on-line.

On-line support materials

Support subscriptions include on-line access to product technical notes, maintenance releases, and patch kits.

7x24 support coverage

For customers with extended hours of operation or time-critical applications, an extended premium support subscription is available with twenty-four hour, full-week technical assistance. With 7x24 support, TAR response and workaround times are based on continuous coverage.

Product warranty

If for any reason PrintKit does not meet your expectations, you may return it to us within 90 days of shipment for a full refund of the purchase price.

New product support

New product purchases include support during the 90 day warranty period. When you purchase support in combination with a new PrintKit license, the support period begins after the 90 day product warranty period.

Shipping and billing

We ship within five business days of receiving your order. We use UPS Second Day Air for domestic shipments, at no charge. We use air parcel post or air express for international shipments.

With your shipping address, be sure to include a telephone number to contact in case of delivery problems.

Purchase terms

Payment terms are net 30 days. Payment must be in US dollars, drawn on a US bank.

Upgrades and updates
License upgrades

You may exchange previously purchased PrintKit licenses in purchasing an upgraded PrintKit license. Exchanged licenses with current support subscriptions are credited at 85% of their current list prices; other licenses are credited at 65%. The credit is limited to the price of the new license.

Software updates

Customers without a current support subscription may update their software to the latest version for one third of the purchase price of a new license.