PrintKit software products provide OpenVMS printing to networked printers, including desktop, workgroup, departmental, production, and color models. Consistent services across this entire range, and a faithful match to the OpenVMS printing architecture provide unmatched flexibility in tailoring printing solutions.

You can “mix and match” printers from your choice of vendors (alongside your existing printers), retain compatibility across the entire configuration, and still be able to change as your requirements evolve.

Product descriptions
PrintKit Network Printing Interface

For typical printing environments, provides support for general-purpose workgroup and departmental printers.

PrintKit Production Printing Interface

For high-end systems, provides extended capabilities to meet the specialized needs of production applications, and is backed by support services that meet the stringent requirements of the production environment.

Ordering and pricing
PrintKit Network Printing Interface

Licensing and support selections available for the PrintKit products; ordering and shipment, purchase terms and conditions.

PrintKit Production Printing Interface

Licensing and extended support selections available for the Production PrintKit products; ordering and shipment, purchase terms and conditions.

The PrintKit software has been designed to be adaptable to new printer models, and to allow flexibility in choice of configuration. Validation of the software is an ongoing process. This is the current list of validated combinations of printers, communications interfaces and system configurations.

Trial copies of the PrintKit software are available for downloading, and we are also glad to ship trial copies on CD-ROM. The trial software is the complete PrintKit product, with a 30-day trial license key.

The PrintKit software can add forms overlays – from simple graybars to complex graphics that have traditionally been provided by preprinted forms – to your documents as they are printed. Here is information on how the process works, and the tools available to prepare forms overlays.