Product updates

Northlake provides product updates containing revisions to the PrintKit software, and printer model supplements containing new printer model definitions. New model definitions are typically released in a preliminary model supplement and moved to a regular supplement as they are validated.

Latest PrintKit maintenance release and model supplement kits

Maintenance releases are issued between major releases of the software to provide timely corrections to problems, and to update the printer model definitions supplied with the software.

Update archive

Updates that have been superseded by newer revisions, provided for users requiring compatibility with older versions of the PrintKit software.

Technical notes
Configuration changes and software upgrades

Notes on managing your PrintKit software to minimize OpenVMS support costs, while keeping up to date with corporate printing resources.

Using generic queues to select print attributes

Describes how to define combinations of print attributes and select them using generic queues.

Configuring PrintKit autostart queues

Describes how to configure PrintKit queues to use the OpenVMS autostart facility for failover within a VMScluster.

Special communications configurations

Do you need help with an unusual printer configuration? PrintKit's database of model definitions supplies correct queue configuration settings for printers in standard network configurations. However, a printer configured with non-standard network interface or accessed through a server system may need different settings. These examples discuss common special configurations.

Configuring PrintKit for limited-function printers

Describes how to configure the PrintKit software for printing to limited-function printers, such as those providing only ASCII, PCL3, or specialized data types. Essentially, disabling most of PrintKit's functionality allows data to pass “transparently” to the printer, without interpretation.

Creating virtual devices for PrintKit queues

PrintKit queues configured for TCP/IP communications do not have an associated device for use by software that writes output to the queue using a virtual device. This note describes how you can create such a virtual device for a PrintKit queue.

Creating PrintKit model definitions

Outlines the basic procedure for creating a printer model definition for use with PrintKit, and points out some of the considerations in configuring a new definition.

Creating PrintKit forms overlays

Delves into the technical details of PrintKit forms overlays, including step-by-step instructions on creating and installing Form resources.

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